S1. Pho Wheaton Steak - Bo Luc Lac $13.95


Chef’s specialty. Chunks of flank steak marinated in special sauce. Served on a bed of lettuce and tomato. Also known as “shaking beef”. You will love this dish.       

S2. Broken Rice with Shredded Pork, Grilled Pork and Crab Cake $9.95


S3. Saigonese Golden Crepe - Banh Xeo $9.95


Crispy golden crepe filled with shrimp, chicken, mung beans and bean sprouts. Served with lettuce, herbs and peanut sauce.

S4. - Caramel Fish - Ca Kho To - $11.95


Fish fillets simmered in a rich caramel sauce. Cooked and served in a clay pot with steamed rice.    

S5. Sour Thin Soup with Shrimp or Fish or Chicken - Canh Chua $9.95


A traditional south Vietnam soup. A thin, clear broth mixture of fresh shrimp, fish or chicken with tomato, pineapple, bean sprout, coriander and herbs. A refreshing taste.    

S6. Hue Spicy Lemon Grass Beef Soup - Bun Bo Hue $7.95


A traditional central Vietnam spicy soup. Sliced beef, green leaf, bean sprouts and rice noodles in spicy lemon grass beef broth.    


S7. Special Fried Rice - Cơm Chiên Dương Châu $8.95

Special fried rice with BBQ pork, chicken, eggs, peas and carrot.