C1. Vegetarian Fried Imperial Rolls $3.95


Crispy golden brown rice paper wrapped around tofu, mushroom, carrot, onions and cellophane noodles then deep fried to perfectly crispy golden brown Served with fresh lettuce, herbs.

C2. Vegetarian Non-fried Fresh Spring Rolls $3.95


A very non-fried fresh rolls. Softened rice paper wrapped around tofu, carrot, vermicelli and lettuce    

C3. Hue Spicy Lemon Grass Tofu Soup $7.95


A traditional central Vietnam spicy soup with sliced tofu and rice vermicelli in spicy lemon grass broth.    


C4. Vegetarian Golden Crepe Banh Xeo Chay $9.95

Crispy golden crepe filled with tofu, mushrooms and bean sprouts. Served with fresh lettuce, herbs and soy sauce.